Thursday, June 2, 2011

Understanding What will be Going On || Online Worker To Home Owner

As we have read in the last post, Gary is embarking on a journey to see if he can successfully start working online and buy a house from the earnings. We will cover his expenses for a typical month so we can look back at a later date to see how Gary is doing.

                                                Starting Monthly Expenses and Income
Rent : $675
Storage: $50                      
Electric $110
Heat $200
Diapers $50
Other expenses:$260

The current income for Gary is $1978 total for offline work. While working online Gary will still be working until he earn enough money to leave his day job.

Gary will be spending as much time as he can online so he can mazimize the amount of work he can get done. He has already set up goals for the work he wants to get done:

10 E-books ranging in topics
10 iphone apps, Paid and unpaid
10 websites
10 blogger blogs
3 diffrent article directories
unlimited amount of Affiliates

The size of the house that Gary wants to buy is a 3 bedroom 1 or 2 bath. The grounds must have at least an acre or land. Now the average price for housing in Maine is between $40,000 to $120,000 for a house this size. Knowing that most lenders are looking for at least 20% down for a deposit, Gary will be saving up a sum of $8,000 to $24,000 to put down.

Gary understands that if he invests into a cheaper house there will be investments.

Gary will be saving the money online and offlinne with options to invest some of the money back into the experiment, as in iphone app production and website hosting.

After the experiment has concluded, Gary will release a hard cover and E-Book version of how he succeeded and also a video tutorial. Among other options afterwards will be public speaking to promote Online Worker to Home Owner.

Stay with us while we start this amazing journey. We will be introducing you the websites and Blogger blogs that we will be using and also we will show you some graphs so you have an interactive way to follow along.

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