Friday, June 17, 2011

Gary's Update | Online Worker To Home Owner

Update on Online Worker To Homeowner Experiment
Since the start of the experiment, Gary has been working hard updating and backlinking his profiles and blogs. He views has been gradually growing while his profits has leveled off for a while. Gary is still feeling confident with his goals he has made in the beguining, and feels like he will acomplish this feat.

Some of the work finished was the creation and launch of the Summer Olympics 2012 site located here.

Also included in the work completed are the following blogs, Discounted Home Items , Basketball Shoes, and Living on The Minimum. All blogs are utilizing Clickbank and Commission Junction.

Next week Gary will be focusing on inter linking all of the blogs for the Summer Olympics 2012 because blogger will allow only 10 pages per blog. Gary will build the remaining blogs that will cover the last of the events while promoting Hotels and sight seeing adventures for tourist to do in London.

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