Sunday, June 5, 2011

$2.27 Per Click || How to Find High paying Keywords

When Gary checked his Google Adsense yesterday he was pleasantly surprised to see his keyword searches has paid off. He has made a click for $2.27 when he checked his earning that mourning.  With the information provided he has a slight understanding on what the click prices will be.

Gary will take the information learned above and implement it so he can maximize the earning potential. Now the blog could have its ads clicked maybe 20 times a week, earning Gary around $50.00 profit. So how can we make sure we can get the clicks so we can earn money?

Starting every Monday - Saturday there will be daily activities to see if we can maximize the time avaliblke to work. Here is the schedule:

Monday: Blog postings and Article Submissions with Squidoo and Hubpages
Tuesday: Social Media back-linking and Promotion day
Wednesday:Blog Updates and Blog commenting
Thursday : Website creation and work
Friday Prepare for weekend with multiple blog postings and click bank reviews
Saturday and Sunday : PLR rewrites for blogs

With continued work with this current schedule , I will attempt to maximize social media and SEO opportunity as I see them. Currently we are promoting the Experiment though Social sites and Twitter, and we are seeing some followers as of today.

Gary is very interested in launching a JV program coming up soon. Gary also understands that with a JV launch he will need to make sure all of his daily activities has a way to work for them selves, so Gary is able to focus full time on the prepping of the JV launch. Stay  tuned to find out what program Gary chooses and they launch idea.

Positive Affirmations: Life is Amazing: With a little love and determination anything is possible!

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