Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clickbank Profits | Looking into the Future for Blogging

Gary's Clickbank profits are doing OK now that we have understood how to maximize what Clickbank has given us. While we have been gone Gary has been busy setting up one Jv Launch and working on a side affiliate job called Get Rich Click that is a national best seller for people who want to work online. Dedication and day long work to get the lauch set up will payoff on Launch day.

So far since the beginning of the experiment, Gary has earned $43.00 total for online work and promotion. While that may seem very miniscule, Gary is feeling  positive about the outcome and the chances to be able to buy his home from the profits he has collected.

To show you all where the money has come from here is a list:
Get Rich Click: $10.00
CafePress : $20.00
Commission Junction : $13.00

Gary will be working on a massive Niche site that will be launching at the end of this year. The potential to earn enough money from this one project alone to buy the house Gary want is exhilarating.  The project will be intricate and in depth and will be covering over 100-200 niche categories. More news to come.

Thanks for all of the support and we will be updating soon...

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