Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buying a House from Working Online

Understanding how much money you can earn while working online can be difficult to fully understand due to the lack of knowledge of certain information. Can you start working online with minimal amount of money and go from broke to owning your own house? We will see with an experiment that will be followed along in this blog.

You will not know the individual that will be taking this course in real time but all the information will be updated with real time information, with all information being as accurate as it can be. With the updates there will be weekly chat sessions to talk to the online worker so you can ask questions .

To better understand the individual we will introduce him to you with his demographics and income. The data provided will help readers to fully understand or relate with this online worker and his family.At anytime you can start your own online worker to homeowner blog and join me with showing users how to obtain their own home 

Online worker Name: Gary Jason Bilodeu
Family size: Fiance, 3 kids, self
Cash level: limited money to start but enough money to pay bills but not enough to save, so week to week
Housing : Renting and looking to own first
School: children in school baby at home
Spouse: Homemaker
 Car: None
Location: Northeast

                                        One Month Goal
Goal Number One:
Figure out how to implement goals

Goal Number 2
Find house options to buy

Goal Number Three
Figure out how to earn and then obtain $100 earned online

Now these goal are all attainable with proper research and dedication. Now there maybe some changes though out this experiment but all information will be provided for you all to learn from.

Feel free to leave comments and any information you may feel that will help to obtain a positive result from this experiment. Obtaining the final goal of buying a house will be recorded on a video for everyone to watch.We do now know how long this will take to go from scratch to official buying of a house but with all of the final information to be available in an e-book format anyone will be able to implement and also buy their own house.

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