Monday, June 6, 2011

JV Launch Preperation

Gary has located another form of making money online over the weekend. With consistent studding done by Gary , JV launches looks like the next best route to gain the house. With the JV launches the potential to make a 5 figure payday is enticing. So the first route for Garys success was to find a decent JV Launch and Sign up. The JV Launch that was picked is called Viral Traffic Avalanche.

An E-mail. was received moments later telling the recipient the information of the JV Launch and also pre made banners and e-mails to use for promotions. Included also is a landing page for perspective customers to land on with a decent layout for sales. Overall the presentation and setup looks great and the potential to make money is there.

With the information provided, Gary created two landing pages also to get started ranking keywords with Google. Using Squidoo to create articles will help kick start the chances to land on page on for keywords chosen. The keywords where picked for longevity and also competition to allow a good chance to land on Page One.

A Back Link Campaign was created yesterday using Social Media. Twitter and Facebook was used for back linking purposes.

Continued Social Media promotion will be used with a focus on creating a group to land a third landing page. Back Linking with Blogs will start in less then a week so that we will have a two week count down to attract prospective customers.

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