Thursday, May 26, 2011

Questions About Blogging

You are starting out blogging and want to make a decent cash flow so you will not have to work a 9-5 job anymore.Some common questions that are asked are listed bellow. Please take some time to review the answers to the questions, and if you have any questions please ask.

Is blogging free? Yes blogging can be free with websites that offer free blogging platforms for you to use. Blogger and WordPress offers free blogging platforms with great widgets and HTML uses. On the other hand you can buy your own website and hosting and not have to worry about the tail-words like blogger on your URL.

How do I earn money online? You can start earning money online with blogging by selling items you have made,creating tee-shirts though CafePress, or use affiliate products to sell. Well these are only a few ways to make money, often times you will have options to make money that coincide with the Niche you have chosen.

Do you need to know how to blog before you start making money? No way, many good bloggers started making money while they where learning basic SEO skills. Some great ways to start making money with blogging while you are learning is, Affiliate Sales.

How much money can you make blogging. Well the sky is the limit. If you are looking on average the list goes like this:
  1. Google Adsense: starting out pennies till you have a decent viewership but if you create an iphone app and sell it for free, adsense revenue can be much higher, between $100.00-$600.00 a month.
  2. Article Marketing: Average earnings for article marketing is hard to predict since you have options to mix in affiliate earnings. On average you will be looking between $50.00 upwards of $1500.00 a month. All of the earnings depends on Article database and amount of articles that you have created.
  3. Selling Ad Space: To sell ad space, you will need to have a decent page rank above PR2 or 3. Also consistent viewership and user interaction is a must. Ads are priced by size and location on your blog while taking into consideration on how long the add will be shown. Profits can be made in the range of $5. for small ad for a whole month , with a larger ad being charged $50. per month because of location and banner size.
Continued research will show that your earning potential is not just limited to the options posted above. Take time today to make a list of potential blogging income potentials and attempt to implement them

Imagine having multiple steams of income showing up in each and everyone of your blogs.  If you want to retire early or vacation and make money while doing so, remember more steams of income equals more potential income for you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Positive Affirmations For Online Workers

When you become an internet marketer or onlineline worker one may have thoughts that they may not be doing the right things to start making money. Also many new IM wonder when will they start earning money and not what they cando to help other people. Please understand it will take time to make money online and if you study a lot and implaament what you learn, you will start making money.

You will succeed.

Remember Rome was not built overnight, so treat your online buisness like so.

Understand that while you may want to talk to family members about your work online, the odds of them understanding what you are doing is small. Remember why you decide to start working online and talk to more people online that hold the same ideas.

You can do anything you want to do if you put your minds into it. Just think , the internet should be around for years to come, and if you do not see people commenting or interacting on you content, it does not mean there will not be a person years later who stumbles upon your content and learns new information.

Your content is unique and no one else can write like you.

With the information you have provided you will help other people to become online workers and beter support their lives.

Keep up the positive thoughts. The power of attraction is strong!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Reasons to Start Working Online

We all understand why a lot of people turn to working online as a full time job is because of the flexibility to make your own hours and to make any amount of money you could possible think of . There is obviously other reasons why people take the plunge of starting to work online. Located bellow are 10 reasons to start working online and beguin you online carear.

The following list are some of the reasons workers choose to start working online. There is no reason why one is rated 1 nor why one is rate 10.

  1. The freedom to work one hour a day.
  2. The ability to learn new knowledge and get paid to do so.
  3. Learn how to start your own buisness.
  4. Build self respect for one self
  5. The abbility to build a pressence online and not have to work to make money.
  6. Change. Not having to do the same work every day. 
  7. Making friends.
  8. Being able to start your own buisness with little to no money.
  9. Helping charity buy writting articles and donating your time and services.
  10. Being able to work with people around the world while relaxing at home.
Those are just some of the examples why starting to work online could benefit you and your family. Why work at a dead end job with years of hard work ahead of you just to qualify for a 10 percent raise. Also you will need experience and we all know how hard it is today in the current job market.

Why do you want to start working online? Do you want to make friends and money?Do you want the independence of not having to work one day because the sun is shinning and you would like to enjoy the day. Not having to worry about getting laid off is a great reason. So remember to treat your online presence as you would in a regular job. Gain the knowledge needed to allow you to summit amazing content while making money.

Remember You are your boss the moment you decide to start working online!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform | Start Working Online

A blogging platform is a way to blog online. There is many different ways for creating your online blogs. Listed bellow will be the blogging platforms most used by bloggers and pros and cons for each. Remember you are your own boss now so pick the appropriate blogging that fits your budget and blogging needs. You do not need to just pick one, because diversifying your blogs will allow you to also create more chances for views to fall upon your content.

Blogger: Blogger is a free platform for you to create your blogs. Google's personal add-on Blogger has helped many perspective to even seasoned bloggers create some amazing and well formatted blogging platform, that also helps the user to make money when they start working online. The price of using Blogger for you platform will be free. Also widgets( side bars) are already located on the Design portion of the layout. For American citizens who will be using Blogger, you will have the option to add adsense (affiliates to make money) on for potential money making options.

WordPress. A popular blogging platform that is similar to Blogger. Free web based blogging platform with the option of transferring your created content over to your own website if needed.

Personal Website. When you use your personal website to create a blog, the sky is the limit. Remember to make the URL (website name) useful and pertaining to the Niche you have chosen for yourself. Adding WordPress and hosting like (some one to allow your site to be online) will allow you to add your own affiliate links and also lose the stigma of not having a WordPress or blogger tail-word attached to the URL.

So choose what blogging platform you would like to use. is an amazing domain name site that allows you to search for free URL's and also bid on premium names. Remember your short term goals and also your on going expenses since you will need to deduct your expenses a multiple times to ensure you have made the most money you can.

Pros of a non .com website? Free hosting and easy to set up when you decide to start working online.
Cons Blogger tail-word attached to ending and limited uses of affiliate links.

Blogging And Time Management | Start Working Online

Start working online with proper time management.

Time management with blogging is huge. When you start creating your online blog pertaining to your niche , first you will need to know how your day will be. For example: you start blogging and find out half way though the day you have completed nothing that has to do with your online work. With proper time management, you can set up a time schedule and be able to spend time working offline, or even enjoy the money you have made.

You maybe asking, " Why do I need to worry about time management, even though I do not even know my Niche yet. Many users who start working online will spend weeks trying to find the niche they want, while they could of already started working on the blogs they have created. Half of the perspective bloggers get frustrated with the over whelming information they need to know to be successful while working online.

First and foremost, making a list is the best way to conserve and manage your time. Creating a blog online is a lot like creating a report for school. Set aside some time for finding your Niche and also researching keywords or subtopics that can help your Niche. Spending at least one day figuring out what the high paying CPC words( discussing future in next blog post) are.

Second, you will need to figure out how long you can dedicate daily with your blogs. If you can dedicate a 8 hour day, then make sure you allot 2 fifteen minute breaks, and also a lunch to ensure you allow your eyes and body time to recuperate from working online for so long. You may not notice, but if you have not worked on a computer before you will become tired and groggy without proper breaks.

Third, if you have already created or creating a new blog, figure out how long it take to research and publish each article. It may take a couple of weeks to figure the times, but with this information you can calculate approximately how many articles you can do in one day. One average a decent blogger will do no more then 2 blog posts per day, since they will have to back- link and promote their blogs.

Fourth, One can create all the blogs and also research all of the keywords they want, but without traffic , all the blog will be is a online journal for you. Allow a certain amount of time to promote and back-linking( posting to social and article directories) you you will be able to garner some traffic. Using social websites like Facebook and Twitter will allow decent views.

Lastly , Allow time for updating and visiting other blogs that pertain to the niche category. Commenting and showing support will bring some views while creating a decent persona for you. Please remember content creation is more important in the beginning then promoting your content.

So fellow bloggers, take time today to make a list of activities that you will do this following week. If you have your niche researched, figure out how many posts you will be able to create this week and stick to that number. If you have not taking time yet to figure the Niche you want do not worry. Coming up we will figure out what niche's are the best to make money and which ones are over populated and also Taboo. Also we will be studying different ways to use your new content to make money for you.

Time management can make or break a new internet marketer. So manage your time proper from the start to allow for some changes in the future.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

So you want to start working online? || Make a Short Term Goal List

Do you really want to work online? Do you know what it takes to be able to make $50,000 a month with Amazon? How about making money writing article,or making click bank landing pages? This blog will give you all of the information without the worries of having to pay outrageous amount of money. Not every one will have the patience to understand and learn about SEO, blogging and article writing.

The Guide to Working online will show you many different ways to make money online and be able to quit your daytime job. One will need to understand, there are ways to make an outrageous amount of money online, and yes, even over night millionaires are possible with the proper keywords and research .

First of all, take time first to understand where you are and what you would like to accomplish. Leaving your daytime job can be a big step, but without proper research on the new job, one can get into far over their heads and loose any and all steam they have built up. If you are currently without a job,make a list for short term goals. Layout what you you would like to achieve financially and also for your online business. You will be dedicating so much of your time to your new business.

Part of the short term goal making would include , How much money would you like to see, what type of response from your users, and what would you like your business to look like. Many short term goals for business and online work are looked at in a 3 month cycle.

So for your first task, Ask yourself what you want from your business financially , and also what your financial stability will look like. How big will your online presence be, and how many people would you like to know in 6 months online.

The next blog post will be talking and also explaining how to create a long term goal for your online work, also looking at creating the Niche (topic you want to write or sell) topic you want to work on. Also among the topics that will be discussed will be how you can intertwined your short and long term goals so they can work together.

 Till next time, happy working and enjoy being your boss!!

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