Friday, May 20, 2011

So you want to start working online? || Make a Short Term Goal List

Do you really want to work online? Do you know what it takes to be able to make $50,000 a month with Amazon? How about making money writing article,or making click bank landing pages? This blog will give you all of the information without the worries of having to pay outrageous amount of money. Not every one will have the patience to understand and learn about SEO, blogging and article writing.

The Guide to Working online will show you many different ways to make money online and be able to quit your daytime job. One will need to understand, there are ways to make an outrageous amount of money online, and yes, even over night millionaires are possible with the proper keywords and research .

First of all, take time first to understand where you are and what you would like to accomplish. Leaving your daytime job can be a big step, but without proper research on the new job, one can get into far over their heads and loose any and all steam they have built up. If you are currently without a job,make a list for short term goals. Layout what you you would like to achieve financially and also for your online business. You will be dedicating so much of your time to your new business.

Part of the short term goal making would include , How much money would you like to see, what type of response from your users, and what would you like your business to look like. Many short term goals for business and online work are looked at in a 3 month cycle.

So for your first task, Ask yourself what you want from your business financially , and also what your financial stability will look like. How big will your online presence be, and how many people would you like to know in 6 months online.

The next blog post will be talking and also explaining how to create a long term goal for your online work, also looking at creating the Niche (topic you want to write or sell) topic you want to work on. Also among the topics that will be discussed will be how you can intertwined your short and long term goals so they can work together.

 Till next time, happy working and enjoy being your boss!!

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