Saturday, May 21, 2011

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform | Start Working Online

A blogging platform is a way to blog online. There is many different ways for creating your online blogs. Listed bellow will be the blogging platforms most used by bloggers and pros and cons for each. Remember you are your own boss now so pick the appropriate blogging that fits your budget and blogging needs. You do not need to just pick one, because diversifying your blogs will allow you to also create more chances for views to fall upon your content.

Blogger: Blogger is a free platform for you to create your blogs. Google's personal add-on Blogger has helped many perspective to even seasoned bloggers create some amazing and well formatted blogging platform, that also helps the user to make money when they start working online. The price of using Blogger for you platform will be free. Also widgets( side bars) are already located on the Design portion of the layout. For American citizens who will be using Blogger, you will have the option to add adsense (affiliates to make money) on for potential money making options.

WordPress. A popular blogging platform that is similar to Blogger. Free web based blogging platform with the option of transferring your created content over to your own website if needed.

Personal Website. When you use your personal website to create a blog, the sky is the limit. Remember to make the URL (website name) useful and pertaining to the Niche you have chosen for yourself. Adding WordPress and hosting like (some one to allow your site to be online) will allow you to add your own affiliate links and also lose the stigma of not having a WordPress or blogger tail-word attached to the URL.

So choose what blogging platform you would like to use. is an amazing domain name site that allows you to search for free URL's and also bid on premium names. Remember your short term goals and also your on going expenses since you will need to deduct your expenses a multiple times to ensure you have made the most money you can.

Pros of a non .com website? Free hosting and easy to set up when you decide to start working online.
Cons Blogger tail-word attached to ending and limited uses of affiliate links.

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